The kingdom of Swaziland

What do you expect from Africa? Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Rhinos, Antelopes and Lions? Wildlife? That’s what I expected anyway. We made our way to Swaziland to visit the Hlane Royal National Park. Of course it cannot even be compared to Kruger National Park in South Africa, but it has one very special feature: A campground right next to the only waterhole of the whole park! So we packed our tent and took a cumbiye (minibus). 

In the Cumbiye we already met the incredible nice Swati people. Swaziland is a little bit like a fairytale version of Africa. It is an absolute monarchy, with a king that has some 20 wifes or so. Tradition and culture is very important to the Swati and they try hard to maintain their culture. To them, their culture and the king are strongly connected. He is the father of the swati-family. To say anything critical about him is absolutely impossible. The Swati are also very afraid of secret police. So it is impossible to learn the truth about the king in a simple conversation… (What is the truth anyway)

Hlane Royal National Park was very nice, but also very cold. The climate inland is quite different from the sea and I was surprised to be freezing in Africa. It’s supposed to be hot there 😉 But it was of course the winter and I catched quite a cold. Now I can say I have done winter camping 🙂

We met a lot of South Africans in the Park and were intrigued by their hospitality. We also saw some of the big animals, although I didn’t always capture them with my camera. First because I did not always have my camera with me. And second because the zoom of my camera decided to have a will of its own. 

After this, we needed a break. We took into a very nice ecotourism mountain lodge to relax and recover. 




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