The End

Three amazing years have come to an end. We had the most awesome time sailing from St. Martin in the Carribean to Richardsbay in South Africa. I want to thank all the people that have always supported us and without whom this trip would not have been possible.

Thank you to our parents and family who have been so patient and who never stopped us, no matter how worried you must have been.

Thank you to our friends for moral support and for always being there for us whenever we came home. It is very important to have you as a base to which one can come back to relax and find new motivation and power to carry on.

Thank you to all the people that sailed with us. Without you this trip would not have been possible. Each and everyone of you made this trip so unique! I am very glad for all the new friends we made!

Thank you to all the people we met along the way. People that fed us, gave us shelter, helped with repairs on Seaventure, gave us advice and were just our friends.

And last but not least I want to thank you Andreas! This trip was your dream and you worked your a** off to make this happen. As a captain you have made people work and live together that had never met before. And you always led us safely to new shores. I am very proud about this trip we did together and very proud to move to Norway with you. I am looking forward to getting married and spending my life with you. I love you!




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